Map / Rutekort

Here you can follow our trip:

Her kan du følge med på kortet:

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2 thoughts on “Map / Rutekort”

  1. Linda and Phill Gorath says:

    I understand that you and Jannie will be driving North to Grand Rapids on Saturday, May 2.
    Phill and I and my sister, Dolores and her husband, Mike, are planning on all meeting at my mother’s (Pauline) about 1:00. Then we are planning on going to the Forest History Center, west of Grand Rapids for a tour, and visit exhibits for 2 or 3? hours. It’s a great place! Then, we’ll drive back to Pauline’s for a supper at her place. The weather forecast looks awesome.
    Phill and I live “on the way” to Pauline’s. We are only 1 mile and 1/2 off Highway 169. We’d love to have you stop in quick and see our home Saturday before we drive in to my mother’s. Please call us sometime when you have a few minutes so we can get the details worked out. Our phone # is 218-326-5645 or my cell is 218-256-5139.

    1. Kasper says:

      Hi Linda & Phill! It sounds like an awesome plan you have arranged and we’re looking forward to meet you. We have just arrived at Chicago for one night and will move forward tomorrow. I guess we will call you when we arrive at George’s tomorrow night.

      Cheers, Kasper

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